Justice for Seema – 6 year old girl raped & murdered

Justice for Seema - 6 year old girl raped & murderedRead here a very bad very very sad and coursing news for us that Justice for Seema – 6-year-old girl raped & murdered. A 6 years old girl was brutely killed after raped in Bajaur, Nowshera, Pakistan.

According to Media Reporter that a six-year girl named “Seema” was murdered, tortured, and raped at Bajaur. The people of Bajaur are also demanding and want help from the Government of Pakistan.

Justice For Seema 6 Years Girl Raped at Bajaur, Nowshera Pakistan

Killer, murderer, and raper is still unknown and suspected and it does not confirm an investigation is still continuing thoroughly. But on Social Meda relatives and family of Seema are demanding the Killer as soon as possible. But the raper is not known till now.

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Seema Was Murdered and Raped at Noshehra Pakistan

After the Incident of Zinab Murder and rape now once again an Angel left the earth named (Seema) that was brutely, badly killed after raped at Bajaur, Nowshehra, Pakistan.

The case of rape and murder is increasing in Pakistan, the target of rape and murder are kids and children. Govt of Pakistan PM Pakistan Imran Khan should take serious action against this misconduct the culprits must be given deadly and dangerous death or punishment, they should be hanged at the spot when they were arrested. I condemn on Seema Killer and raper.