African Union suspends Egypt membership


ADISABABA: Condemning the military’s overthrowing Mohamed Morsi‚Äôs government, African Union (AU) has suspended Egypt from all activities

The decision of the 54-member bloc came while demonstrations in support of ousted president Mohammed Morsi were going on in Cairo, the Egyptian capital.


A statement issued by the AU after a meeting of its Peace and Security Council said: “The overthrow of the democratically elected president does not conform to the relevant provisions of Egypt’s constitution, and therefore falls under the definition of an unconstitutional change of government.”


“As mandated by the relevant AU instruments, the African Union Peace and Security Council decides to suspend the participation of Egypt in AU activities until the restoration of constitutional order,” Admore Kambudzi, Secretary of the Peace and Security Council of AU, said after a meeting.


It is not the first time the AU has suspended members, saying its rule against unconstitutional changes had been broken. In March, membership of the Central African Republic was suspended after rebels seized power. Madagascar and Guinea-Bissau remain suspended.


Suspension decision is the AU’s usual response to any interruption of constitutional rule by a member state.


Morsi was removed from the office by the army on Wednesday after mass protests against his government.