Ali Suleman Habib Pass Away Chairman of Indus Motor Company

Chairmain of Indus Motor Company named Ali Suleman Habib passed away today in Karachi Pakistan. Ali Suleman was known as well known and prominent businessman. Indus Motor Company Chairman Ali Suleman Habib served also in Pakistan Busines council, Organization Young presidents Pakistan Chapter and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust Hospital.

Ali Suleman Habib Passed AwayAs we are listening at different news channels that it is said that the death of chairman Indus Motor Company Ali Suleman Habib is a big loss for Pakistan’s country especially for those who were closet to Ali Suleman Habib.

Ali Suleman Habib Chairman to Indust Motor Company Passed Away

Indus Motor Company Chairman Ali Suleman Habib passed away at the age of 63 years. He has done his business as Director of Shabbir Tiles, Thal Lmtd, Habib Metropolitan bank lmtd, Metro Habib, ceramics lmtd, Habib University and carry Pakistan (Pvt) limited and so many other business was started by him. Indus Motor Company Chairman Ali Suleman Habib was known as successful famous businessman of Karachi. There is big need of such type of successful businessman like Ali Suleman Habib. We pray for his soul, May Allah rest his soul in paradise.

Education of Ali Suleman Habib Business

Education of Ali Suleman was Mechanical Engineering from (UOM) Univeristy of Minnesota from USA and also take part in so many programmes like Management Development programme at  Harvard University.