Amazing Building Structure in The World

In whole world every company use Commercials to promote their products. But some compnies usings a different idea to promote their products by using their building designs. They not only make Bizarre buildings but also succeeded to attrect custmers to them.

We are going to introduce some of these incradible building to you in this artical. We hope you like this one.

The Donut Hole Bakery held in Calefornia, America. This bakery Esteblished in 1968 and provide Donuts to their custmors.

The Big Pineapple building is in a small villege of South Africa. This building contains on three floors. Area is famous about the Pineapple cultivation and also products made with tree of Pineapple.

This building was used by the President of World Toillet Association as Personal Residence in 2007. Now this building converts to a Toilet Museum.

This Amazing Building is in China’s Province GuizhouMeitan County the area where this building located is very famous about Green Tea. 

This Boot building is in Boat Building in Bakersfield, Calefornia, America. There are many buildings in the shape of Boot for Residential use but this one is build for buisness purpose. This building was built in 1947.