Amazon, Sony, and Kobo Want to stop Their E-Readers

Some of the highest names within the e-reader market area unit asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to waive the accessibility needs for his or her devices. Amazon, Sony, and Kobo have all petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to waive the accessibility demand for his or her e-readers. they are doing not wish to own to create their devices “accessible to and usable by people with disabilities.”

The Federal Communications Commission needs advanced communication services (ACS) to be accessible to folks with disabilities. The e-reader corporations area unit tilt that their devices don’t represent the ACS classification as a result of they’re dedicated to e-book reading. The 3 corporations additionally claim that adding accessibility options would decrease battery life, increase value and increase bulk. They claim within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC),
“Rendering ACS accessible on e-readers would need basically sterilization the devices and it should not be potential to satisfy that demand and maintain e-readers as cheap mobile reading devices, and nevertheless the mandatory changes, if they were created, wouldn’t yield a purposeful profit to people with disabilities. It’s not just value however the terribly nature of a specialized e-reader device that’s relevant.”
Disabilities rights advocates content that as a result of e-readers aren’t solely getting used for leisure, however additionally education the devices ought to be needed to be accessible. what is more, Amazon has over a one hundred million Kindle-exclusive titles in keeping with the Wall Street Journal. If Kindles aren’t usable by the blind and {other people|and folks} with other disabilities like learning disorder they’re shut from this content.