Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London

All Pakistani are well known to Arshad Chaiwala that he become famous on social media due to his great and awesome personality. Now it is reported by himself that he is going to open ارشد خان چائے والا Arshad Khan Chaiwala cafe in London.

Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London

On Facebook social media Arshad has announced on FB that recently he is going to open Arshad Khan Chaye Wala in London Arshad Khan Chaiwala Resturant in London in the coming days. Chai Wala Cafe Arshad Khan location is in London.

Chai Wala Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London Islamabad

He is famous as Arshad Khan tea seller. He used to work at Islamabad cafe when his photo was shoot out at Arshad Tea Stall Islamabad. And his photoshoot gone viral on social media in 2016. So many fan followers have liked and shared this pic and desire to meet Arshad chai wala Islamabad. He famoused as Arshad Khan Chai wala Cafe Islamabad in 2016.

ارشد خان چائے والا  نے فیس بک پر بتایا کہ وہ اب لندن مین اپنا کیفے اوپن کرنے جا رہا ہے۔

Arshad Khan Cafe in London going to be opened by Arshad Khan Chai wala. Now he has posted a new on Facebook to open Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London also. Arshad Khan age is 23rd years old. Several fans of his has arugued and recommended to change his name as Arshad Khan but he said that Arshad Khan Tea seller is my identity and occupation.

Chaiwala Arshad Khan Biography

First Name: Arshad

Last Name: Khan

Famous From: Arshad Khan Tea Seller Pakistan Islamabad

Famous on: Social Media

Arshad Khan Age: 23 Years old

Arshad Khan Chai Wala Occupation: Tea Seller

Arshad Khan Residence: Pakistan

Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London Biography Age and Family details read here. Chai wala Cafe Arshad Khan location Islamabad and London. Arshad Khan Chai wala Resturant London starts very soon at the end of this month. He will update about his cafe and Resturant in London.