Attack At Karachi Stock Exchange 29-06-2020 Video Viral

It is very news that today some traitors and terrorists attacked at Pakistan Karachi stock exchange on dated June 29, 2020. Terrorists have been spread in Pakistan. There are so many traitors and terrorist in Pakistan that kill the poor peoples just for getting money.

Attack At Karachi Stock Exchange 29-06-2020

Attack At Pakistan Stock Exchange 29-06-2020

Crime scene, crime incidents have been spread now day by day. Government of Pakistan must control the crime incidents in Pakistan. Pakistan was made with the name of Allah (Kalima Tayyaba). So Pakistan must be safe country to live because it’s a Islamic Country. Today Monday another crime scène happened in Karachi Stock Exchange on 29/06/2020 (Monday) in these result four peoples were killed.

Karachi: Today attack at Karachi Stock Exchange, Four terrorists attacked at stock exchange Karachi they killed four innocent peoples deadly. It is said 2 terrorists were also killed on the spot. With the passage of time crime bullet emergencies, incidents is being increased by the Terrorists, now without wasting more time Government of Pakistan must take initial step to control and diminish crime incidents. So that peoples of Pakistan may live safe and happy in this county.

Attack At Pakistan Karachi Stock Exchange video


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