Aurat March Karachi Pakistan

On the special eve of Women’s day, all women of Pakistan protested for their rights and safety. The women’s protest in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad & other cities. Women’s day is celebrated every year in Pakistan, so many gatherings, and the majority of women are seen on the roads in rallies to fulfill their rights. March Aurat March Karachi Pakistan we can see a large gathering of women.

Aurat March Karachi Pakistan

Women’s March Islamabad took place on the eve of Women’s Day on 08th March 2021 (Monday). They demanded to protect and secure their rights for women on International Women day 2021 Pakistan. Aurat March Karachi rallies were run in several big city places in Pakistan by women (Aurat).

Aurat March Karachi Updates 2021 Women March Pakistan

In this Aurat March Karachi women, march rallies were conducted today on 08/03/2021 (Monday) to observe the day. On this day you will see the pictures of women that all age groups of Aurat took part in the Women March Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore Pakistan standing on their rights.

Women have appealed to govt to protect their rights in the community. On this eve ladies were holding posters, banners, and charts so many women quotes written on them. If we talk about Aurat March’s criticism so they critice on their rights for protection and security.

Aurat March Karachi Pakistan

Aurat March organizers team has been established in Pakistan to stand together for their rights. Some of them have to hold Aurat March vulgar posters and charts which is against ethical values.

Aurat March agenda and the team is powerful and stand first for women’s rights. March Aurat March Karachi is being spread via social media platforms. This is the only Aurat March slogans that have raised on the moments of Women’s Day Women March.

Aurat March Karachi Rally Agency Organizers & Slogans Women’s Day

Aurat March Karachi Rally Agency Organizers & Slogans International Women’s Day hold on 08th March 2021 (Monday). On the eve of the Aurat March Women’s march, they protest for their rights and protection.