Aurat March Lahore 2021

Women's march 2020It has come to know that Aurat March is being started to observe (International Women’s Day. It is being started on 8th March 2021 in big districts/cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad & Hyderabad to observe, scrutinize/survey Women’s day. This Aurat March (Women’s March) is being organized in Lahore and Karachi by women ( Hum Auratein ).

Women March 8th March 2021

Women's March Aurat MarchThis day is being celebrated for the answerability of violence against women. The sole motive of this march is to provide support and protection to those women who were violated/ nuisance/ annoyance by the public spaces and security forces. Now the question is why and how the Aurat march is a revolutionary feat march for Pakistan Country. It is so difficult task to assemble women outside of the home.

Women's March Aurat Marchthis news is spreading and being viral on social media that Aurat march is being organized/held on 8th March 2021 in Lahore and Karachi for Women’s International Day. It has come to know that a new revelation and exposure is coming on 8th March but if we bring our mind back in past so a march was also organized by the women/Aurat in which it was said/accepted by the woman by holding posters/banners and steakers in their hands and Mera Jism Meri Marzi & Khana garm kardugi but bistr khud garm krlo was written on the posters and banners etc. some pics of them have also pasted/put op on this page.

Women's March Aurat MarchWe can see their message and march purpose clearly and completely. My body is not your battleground. So let us see what these women (Aurat Walk) bring changing/alteration in Pakistan’s country and the nation of Pakistan.

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