Bad effects of coffee on health

See these great and good information about bad effects of coffee on health.

Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world. Normally coffee is used to get relief from tiresome feeling control mental stress as it keeps the nervous system active. Along with its popular advantages, coffee also leaves various bad impacts on our health as it may also cause increase in heartbeat, blood pressure and metabolism process to enormous rate. Caffeine is the central element of coffee that reduces sleepiness and less sleep over time results in frustration-ridden behaviour, which is not a good sign at all.

Caffeine is what makes coffee what it is, which if used moderately does less harm than its benefits. However, most of the times, overwhelmed with the advantages, we tend to ignore the disadvantages and over consume it, which is very harmful for human mind and body. The excessive use of coffee may lead to restlessness, erratic behaviour and loss of mental steadiness. Moreover, its excess use can also affect the stomach and may lead to disturbed digestive system. Disturbed digestive not only weakens the body but also causes constipation, acidity, heartburn, reduction in hunger and nausea, which over time become a regular part of human lifestyle and is very painful.

People become addicts of coffee if it is used in excess on regular basis because almost all the elements in it are alcoholic, and especially the caffeine. According to Islamic Point Of View, the addiction of any object or activity is prohibited so coffee must not be used in excess. Medical conditions like Gastric Muscosa arise in stomach, which in its final later stages turns into stomach cancer.

The more coffee you use higher are the chances of increase in diseases related to diabetes and liver. At an extreme level liver stops performing its functions, which in turn becomes the reason for absence of vitamin B in the human body. Its excess use prohibits the body to absorb the proper amount of salts and vitamins and the huge amount of these vitamins and salts is excreted from the body, which is very harmful for us. For pregnant women coffee could result in child abortion on a major scale or have effects on child’s health and development process at a minor level. It happens because the heartbeat of any pregnant woman is already very high and its use makes it much higher which is dangerous for both woman and the child.

Some dietitians recommend the use of coffee as a fat reducing factor. But, recent researches and studies has proved it to be fat increasing element not a fat reducing element. Because it is normally consumed with sugar, it results in increasing sugar volume in the body which is then stored as fats.

Continuous use of coffee in excess causes muscular stress, depression and sleeplessness. Brain and mind get more blood than they need, which in turns leads to muscular and mental stress and collectively this all becomes a part of many bad impacts, on the overall health of the human body.