Basic First Aid Box Training Course at Home

First Aid Box Training Course at HomeWhen you provide immediate care to the injured or ill persons is called Firs aid. It is referred to as the emergency or instant care to the victims. Basic First Aid Box Training, steps, tips and guidelines are for every. Every person must learn these tips and procedures to provide Basic First aid. Appropriately first aid can mean the difference between life and death. When you see the victims unconscious and unresponsive, check his breath and pulse, if he is breathless and pulse less so start the CPR as soon as possible to save her life. Resuscitate her cardio and pulmonary.

Main Aims To Provide First Aid are:

  • To Deal with cuts, grazes, wounds, scrapes, burns, and other minor injuries.
  • To manage eye different kinds of eye injuries.
  • To stop the excessive bleeding.
  • To cover and control the wounds becoming more complicated and risky.
  • To help unconscious patients.
  • To prevent choking.
  • To save a life.
  • To immobilize fractures, strains, and sprains of joints.
  • Stop the victim being injured more.
  • Evacuate the peoples and victims from incident place.
  • Shift the patient to the Hospitals without any delaying and harming to them.

First Aid Box Training Course at HomeBasic First Aid Training Guidelines for Everyone

For this purpose, every person must be trained and should get training from authorized organizations like Rescue 1122. First aid to the patients given very carefully without harm to them. Attend Rescue 1122 Training session how to provide first aid to injured person at home.

Let’s learn how to Provide First Aid:

  • First Aid For Bleeding:

To stop bleeding from any parts of the body, Always Remember 4C. Its mean Control, Clean, Close and cover.

  • Control: First control the bleeding to be wasted more by pressing your hands on wounds and elevate the wounds from the heart level.
  • Clean: Clean the wounds with pure water or Anti-Septic.
  • Close: Close the edges of the wounds but never without cleaning the wounds.
  • Cover: Cover the wounds with bandages and any clean clothes.
  • Impaled Objects:

First Aid Training At HomeIf any sharp weapon like knife or dagger has been impaled in the body so never tries to carry out or remove it but stabilize it with bandages without moving the impaled objects and move and shift the patient to the hospital as soon as possible.

Basic First Aid Box Training Steps for All types of Emergency

  • First Aid for Electric Shock
  • Try to fall yourself backward or pull your hand from the electric medium.
  • If an electric city catches others, switch off electricity from the main panel instead of touching the victims.
  • If you don’t find Electric Main Switch Panel so then with the help of any ropes or Dupatta try to pull the victims from electric wires or mediums etc.
  • Place pillows etc on the floor to save the victims from injury due to falling down on the floor.
  • If the patient’s breath is absence so close the nose of the patient and give start giving breath to him, then immediately call at 1122 Helpline.

First Aid Box Training Course at Home

  • First Aid For Snake Bite:
  • Never try to suck the poisonous of the snake.
  • Never try to cut the wound with a knife or dagger because some poisonous make blood blue due to which blood spread and flow very fastly.
  • Try to find out a warm bandage and tie above the side of the wound.
  • Avoid moving the affected areas by the snake.
  • Provide psychological support to the victims.
  • Keep down the bitten area of the body.
  • The bitten area must be kept down from heart level because to this poisonous will not affect you so fast.
  • Inject “Tetanus” injection to the victims although the snake is poisonous or not.

First Aid Box Training Course at Home

  • Treatment For Dog Bite:
  • If the pet dog (Paltu Dog) bites you so keep observation on if poisonous of pet dog remains for 15 to 20 Days so take Vaccination for the treatment.
  • If the pariah/wanderer/pet dog (Awara Dog) bites you and it’s not confirmed that, that dog is alive or dead so quickly take Vaccination for the treatment so that the victim can save from distressful death.

First Aid Box Training Course at Home

  • First Aid for Burns:
  • Peoples may be brunt from acids (Teezab), fire, warm things, electricity, radiation of the sun and other Radiation.
  • Stop the burning procedure, lesson warm intensity and flow cold water at the burnt area of the body for ten mints.
  • Cover the burnt part with clean clothes.
  • Don’t apply any types of Solution, lotion and any tube on burnt part.

First Aid Box Training Course at Home

  • First aid for Choking, Stuck or entangle something in throat:
  • Ask the patient if something has stuck in the throat.
  • You will find the patient by holding his throat by his hands.
  • Help the patient to cough forcefully.
  • If the hurdles in the throat become swear and he can’t speak. So in this way abdominal thrusts are applied.

Anyboyd may get Basic First Aid TrainingMethod to Apply Abdominal Thrusts:

  • Stand behind the patient and wrap your arms around the back of the patient. Put one hand into other hands, then put your hands between chest and navel at the abdomen, then jolt in and out so that sucked items may be exited.

Basic First Aid  Box Training and CPR

First Aid for Heart Attack

CPR First Aid (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)

CPR is performed on unconscious patients. CPR is applied to restore or resuscitation of Cardio and Pulmonary stoppage. When the patient is breathless, pulse less and unresponsive then CPR is applied immediately. CPR may be applied by one or two persons at a time.

One Rescuer:

In the case of one person first check, the airway is clear of the patient then immediately starts compression at the chest of the unconscious patients. Here 30 compression must be applied to the chest of the patient; at least 1.5” inch depth of compression should be applied. After completion of 30 compression then give two rescues breathes to the patient by Mouth-to-mouth by pinching his nose or with Ambo bag, then again start 30 compression, then again 2 rescue breathes and this circle will be completed so many times.

Two Rescuer:

In the case of two-person, the procedure will be the same first-person will start 30 compression and another person will give rescue breath mouth to mouth and with ambo bag. After completing the circles so many times continue to check Carotid pulse is available. I have also attached herewith performs for CPR.

See Here Basic First Aid Training Principals/Directions

Principals / Directions to Apply Bandages:

  1. The only sole motive of to apply bandages is to stop bleeding, so for the purpose apply bandages with stiffness.
  2. Bandages must be clean and purify.
  3. Cover all wounds with bandages.
  4. If bandages fill up with the blood of the wounds so apply another bandage at the previous bandage.
  5. The bandage should not be applied so tightly, because in this condition foot of the hands/feet may be swelled and also stops the circulation of the blood so apply with less tightness.
  6. The bandage should not be applied as less tight as it not cover wounds and don’t move here and there.
  7. Cut off the hanging parts of the bandages.
  8. Never cover fingers of Foots/Hands so that the condition and color of blood circulation may be checked and observed.
  9. Apply bandages broadly and extensively.

First Aid Kits / Medical kits:

Here we must have a first aid kit at every home for providing the first aider to any victim. Prepare first aid kits / medical kits for your home.

  • An Up-to-Date First Aid Manual.
  • Sterile gauze pads of different sizes.
  • Antiseptic wipes.
  • A Splint of different sizes.
  • Safety Pins.
  • A blanket.
  • Mouthpiece for giving CPR.
  • Tooth preservation kit.
  • Calamine lotion.
  • Disposable instant cold packs.
  • Sharp Scissors.
  • Disposable instant cold packs.
  • Calamine lotion.
  • Hydrocortisone cream.
  • Extra prescription medicine.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • A list of emergency phone numbers.
  • Adhesive bandages in different sizes.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries.

I hope that after reading / studding above information you will be able to give First Aid Box Training at Home. First aid training course will not only benefit you it will helps you to save the lives of others and your family.

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