Beautiful Collection of Jummah Mubarak SMS 2014

Khataaein Deikh Ker Bhi Ataaein Kam
Nahi Kerta,,,!

Main Aksar Sochta Hoon,
Meira “RABB” Kitna Meharbaan Hey.!!
Jumma Mubarak


The love of Allah is the
Power of the heart,
The sustenance of the heart,
The light of the heat
Jumma Mubarak ho…


Being a Muslim is more than
just going to the masjid,
Allah wants your Attention
not just your Attendance.
Have a blessed


I pray
To get through this day.
As this day is the master of all days
I don’t even ask
To have things my way,
Your will is okay.

Things done in your way
Are best suited to stay
In the Master Plan,
Help me to help
In any way that I can

Don’t let me be
Part of the problems I see,
I just want to come
And bow infront of you atleast this day
Help me to come every day


Jumma Mubarak


Please Give us a chance to see next Ramadan.
Please Give Long & Healtht life to our parents.
Please Give Jannah to those Muslims who are not in this World
Please Forgive our sins.
Please Give Health to sick people.
Please send Good Proposals for our sisters & Daughter.
Please Bring Peace in Muslim Countries.
Please Give Freedom to those Muslim who are struggling for it.
Please Bring Happiness in Every Muslim’s Life.
Please Bring back to those who are missing.
Please ALLAH make us Good Muslim.
Please ALLAH Help Muslim against their Enemies.
Please Give us Haya.
Please Make our Future Good.
Please ALLAH Don’t leave us alone.
Please Give the Good Life Partner to the boys & Girls.
Please Give us a chance to do Umrah and Hajj.
Please Help the poor.
Please Give us a power to help poor.
Please Give Me a strength to do Good Acts
Please Fulfill our legal desires
Please Save us From Fire of Hell.
Please Give us Place in jannah after Death