Best Garage Doors Selling in USA

Winter is coming; maybe this is the right time to change your garage door? Whether you are looking for a garage door that combines comfort, design and safety, you will find something to delight the facade of your home by seeing this TOP 5 garage door of DIY-Garage-Door-Parts, US manufacturer of garage doors for 10 years. Now you will be able to choose a door model that suits you, adapted to your budget and your priorities.

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DIY-Garage-Door-Parts are a USA leader in custom garage doors. For more than 10 years, DIY-Garage-Door-Parts Habitat has been designing garage doors for individuals and industry. Installed on 3 production sites, in Vaux-le-Penil (77), Bavilliers (90) and Machecoul (44), they manufacture products adapted to all needs, whether visually or technically. All their products are guaranteed between 5 and 10 years.

  1. “Duoport” swing garage door Wide

The Duoport swing garage door has spaced ribbed panels that give it a traditional style, it is a door with timeless design, impossible to get bored. It is composed of 50% aluminum, which allows it to be customizable at will.

For added luminosity, add economical rectangular PVC portholes or prefer the chic and square stainless steel triple glazed windows.

  • “Novoside” Lateral Garage Door Panel Without Ribs

The Novoside garage door has a ribbed panel, it is one of the most practical models of the brand, and it is available in large widths. Its design is uncluttered, like its opening, the panel is housed horizontally which allows not to overflow, neither inside nor outside. It seduces a lot thanks to its modern appearance and robustness.

  • “ISO45” sectional garage door – Alinea Design Panel

The sectional garage door ISO 45 – Panel Design Alinea is combining comfort-end model in steel with discreet finishes, it is also available in very large dimensions. The panels of the door slide in rails to be housed horizontally on the ceiling; it is a significant gain of space. Its style, very modern, can be harmonized with the doors of entry thanks to a partnership with the manufacturer Bel’m. ( Bel’m is also available in our products !)

  • “Noviso” Tilt Garage Door – Ribbed Panel

The “Novoside” tilting garage your well with a traditional style house ora modern style house combines comfort can only sublimate your facade. And with more than 9colors available, you will find something to match! This tilting garage change your offers pedestrian access, convenience side we still mark a point.

  • Sectional garage door “ISO 45” – Panel without ribs

The sectional garage door “ISO 45” panel change manufacture products is a high-end steel model sleek and trendy style, with this garage door,very modern mistakes of taste are impossible! Discreet with its smooth, practical combines comfort its opening and discharge ceiling, this is the Rolls Royce of the of yours. It also exists for large to manufacturer garages.