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Islamic SMS

Hamesha Yehi Soch K Geo K Mere RAB Ne Mujhe Buht Kuch Diya Hai,

Agar Wo Mujhe Mere
Aamaal K Barabar Deta,

To Mere Pass Kuch Bhi Na Hota!

Islamic SMS

Ur Walking & U See A Lion Infront Of U

U Run To Get Away From It Until U See A Cliff.

U See A Rope So U Climb Down
But At The Bottom U See A Crocodile.

Then U See Black & White Mice Nibbling The Rope.
U See No Escape & Feel Scared.

Then Drops Of Honey Begin To Drip
Into Ur Mouth From A Honeycomb Above.

Due To The Sweetness Of The Honey
U Forget About The Danger Around U.

This Is How We’re Living
Our Lives.

The Lion Is Malik-Ul-Maut (Angel Of Death)
The Crocodile Is Our Grave Which We Forget About Which Is Where We Will End Up.

The Black & White Mice Are Days & Nights That Pass By Everyday.

Honey Is The World
We’re So Engrossed In The Love Of This World
That We Fail To Remember That Everyday We’re Closer To Death.


Islamic SMS

‘Ya ALLAH humein ata kar..
Aisi mafi jis k bad gunah na ho,
Aisi hidayat jis k bad gumrahi na ho,
Aisi raza jis k bad narazgi na ho,
Aisi rehmat jis k bad azab na ho,
Aisi izzat jis k bad zillat na ho

Islamic SMS

“if you have only one Bread and you are Hungry, you will never give it to the Birds, “if you have only one Bottle of Water And you have to cross a Desert, you will never Wash your Feet with it, “You have only one Life with which you have to earn JANNAT, so how can you Waste it in useless Deeds?? Realize the importance of your Precious Life, Because we will be Questioned by ALLAH PAAK about it on the day of Judgment. Think deeply about it !!!

Islamic SMS

Nice words….. …Jis ko Allah ne dua ki tofeeq di ho… …Wo qabooliat se mehroom nahi reh sakta… …Jise Allah astaghfaar ki tofeeq de… …wo maghfirat se mehroom nahi reh sakta… …Aur… …Jis ko Allah shukar ki tofeeq ata kar de… …wo naimat se mehroom nahi reh sakta….

Islamic SMS

Roz gunaah karta hu’n, woh chupata hai Apni Rehmat se,
Mein majboor apni Aadat se, woh mash’hoor Apni Rehmat se…