Canadian Girl Became Muslims in Pakistan

Rosie accepted Islam According to the latest news it has come to know that a Canadian Bike rider named “Rosie Gabrielle” just embraced Islam. She is living in Pakistan country last year ago. A year ago Rosie Gabrielle just came to Pakistan with her bike.

Rosie wanders so much in Pakistan and traveled to various regions of Pakistan like Lahore, Gwadar, Multan, Sweat, Islamabad, Karachi and beyond.

Rosie Canadian BikerOn the speaking of some news channel, she gave an interview and said about the Pakistan country that:

Canadian Girl Rosie Gabrielle Became Muslims in Pakistan

” Rosie Gabrielle is so much here in Pakistan, I saw shocked & smiling faces in Pakistan. On the seeing of Canadian motorbike, Rosie’s people of Pakistan seem to be a lot of happiness on their faces. Here so many peoples want to ride a bike with me.”

She enjoyed a lot in Pakistan and became familiar and affinity with Pakistani People. She realized and adopted that Pakistani’s people are so nice and sweet and love hearted people. People of Pakistan welcomed her warmly and rejoiced. Rosie also explained that Pakistan’s Country is a peaceful place to visit and live in. She also felt peace and pride after visiting the Holy places of Pakistan’s country.

Rosie Canadian Biker Visited Pakistan in 2019After getting so much response, peace, happiness, excitement in Pakistan’s country she made a decision and decided to embrace and convert to Islam religions because she said Islam is the only religion in the whole world to provide and spread the message of peace, loving and worship only to one Allah.

Canadian Lady Became Muslims in Pakistan

She also said that the peoples of Non-Muslims are spending and leading a very hard life they must know that there is a peaceful and complete code of life is available in Muslims countries and in the religion of Islam.

Rosie Canadian Biker Visited PakistanShe also said in another news channel and announced about convert her in Islam religion. She said that we always must workship to one Allah, who has created this whole world and created us, who is the creator, sustainer, and owner of the whole world. Allah can do everything without delaying any time in just eye glimpse. Allah says never join another person with him.

Rosie Canadian Biker Visited PakistanAfter this life, when we will be died by Allah, we will be converted to Allah, where we will be asked about spent life, that where we spend life, which type of Good or bad works we do. Owing to the good or bad works we will be awarded or punished. So I will say that only worship to one Allah, avoid and forsake bad evils and always do a good deed for your judgment day. Due to our good deeds, we were provided Heaven and paradise.