Care For Eyes At Home Free Tips and Home Remedy

Pakistan involved in those courtiers where Eyes problems are spreading very fast. But due to lack of sources and un-availability of treatment facilities patients are compelled to live without treatment of eyes. According to the latest survey there above 20 Million are the victims of Eyes problems. There are 80 % patient are involved in blindness due to cataract. Health tips Care For Eyes At Home Free Tips and Home Remedy apply at home.

Care For Eyes At Home Free Tips and Home Remedy

But there is no need to worry about these disease are medicable/sanable with minor operate. For this purpses the Govt of Pakistan has established Pakistan Islamic Medical Association in 2007 to treat with blinded people. In this trust diagnosis, free treatment and operation are being done free of cost.

Care For Eyes At Home Free Tips and Home Remedy

There are more than 1, 50,700 patients whose blindness are treated in 38 Cities and 730 towns of Pakistan. In Gulistan Johar, Karachi Hospital more than 600 patients are free treated.

Care for eyesHere are some Steps to keep your eyes Health:

Wear Sunglasses.
Give up Smoking.
Eat Well rich in Vitamin A. Good health starts from Food well.
Utilize Safety Eyewear.
Keep away your eyes from LCDs, screens.
Visit your eye Doctor Regularly.
Eat Carrots, Spinach, collards greens.
Sweet potatoes and butter.
Protect your eyes from sun and UV damage.
Wear a hat.
Never stare into the sun especially binoculars and solar eclipse.
Get some rest.
Get regular exercises.
Use 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 mints look at something 20 feet away for 20seconds.
Adjust your brightness at cell phone.
Hold your Smartphone auxiliary away.
Full body exercise for vision.
Get enough sleep.
Avoid smoking.
Chafe your foot from backside with oil at night before going to bed.
Eat vegetables.


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