How to Change the WordPress URL directly from the database


Hello every one. Hope you all are fine. Today i  am going to describe you the the method to change WordPress URL directly from the data base. Now you’ll be able to modification the values directly within the information itself. Now, these steps aren’t to point out you ways to vary the new universal resource locator path from at intervals posts, and alternative areas wherever plugins or themes (or WordPress) hard coded the trail.

If you discover that a number of your media or internal links in posts aren’t displaying properly, follow through the steps found within the dynamic the location universal resource locator doc within the WordPress Codex. Scroll down close to very cheap of the file wherever you’ll see some SQL commands to run. Pay specific attention to the warning concerning the GUID values. Those ar distinctive values that use the domain/site universal resource locator at the time of posting and may not be modified as they serve a distinct purpose. Even once dynamic the universal resource locator, in most cases (except the one noted at the on top of link), those values ought to stay in consideration. If modified it’ll update your RSS subscribers as if all the content on your web site is suddenly new once more, among alternative factors.

Finally, the steps for modifying the information on to modification the the “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” values:


  • Backup the WordPress information (either with a plugin or XML/SQL export).
  • Login to CPanel and login on to phpMyAdmin.
  • Depending on your server you’ll have to be compelled to choose the information that you just need to figure with from the left facet. All the tables at intervals your information ought to seem on the left. they’re going to have no matter prefix was set throughout installation. By default that may be “wp_” however yours is also completely different. I’ll assume “wp_” for the remainder of the steps although.
  • Look for “wp_options” from the list, and click on it.
  • By default you ought to air the “Browse” tab, but if not, click the Browse icon/link close to the highest. you’ll then see a screen on the correct with all of the fields at intervals that table.
  • Below the “option_name” field, explore for “siteurl.” it’s probably close to the highest unless the row has been sorted.
  • Click the “Edit” icon/link that ought to be displayed close to the left of the row. you’ll be able to modify the “option_value” field currently from the new screen that seems.
  • Carefully build the modification, verify it, and double verify it. Then click the “Go” button slightly below.
  • Now explore for “home” beneath “option_name.” It probably won’t air the primary page. simply on top of the list of fields you ought to see “Page number:” with a drop-down and a few arrow buttons. Scroll through by clicking the one arrow button till you find the “home” worth (probably page 2).
  • Click the “Edit” text link and modify it within the same method that you just did “siteurl.”

You should currently be able to visit the WordPress admin dashboard or login page at its new location. Remember, there still is also the necessity to manually (or with Associate in Nursing SQL statement) modify values within the information for posts that have hardcoded media ways and internal links at intervals them. scan through the dynamic the location universal resource locator doc to be told however and don’t skip the warnings concerning the GUID. it’s going to gift a haul for your existing subscribership if unheeded. In end i would like to say thanks to all the readers.