Cherry Stream 3.0 – An Elegant Quietest Office Keyboard

The German manufacturer Cherry, known for its switches which equip a good part of the mechanical keyboards, is also famous for its keyboards. Its Cherry Stream 3.0 is intended for office automation and emphasizes robustness and simplicity. Let’s see what the successor of the Stream XT offers us. Here is best Cherry Stream 3.0 Office Keyboard that you will easily find from market.

New Cherry Stream 3.0 Review:

The Stream 3.0 shines with its sobriety and elegance. If we received the black plastic version, it is also possible to find it in white. Both models are treated against splashing. Relatively compact with its dimensions of 47.2 x 17.6 x 1.8 cm and mass of 0.94 kg, the keyboard finds its place very easily, even on cluttered desks. Best CHERRY Stream 3.0 Keyboard Ultra Silent

The granular plastic coating is pleasant to the touch and leaves a pleasant impression of robustness. It is splash-resistant thanks to the grain of the material which does not absorb liquids and allows them to be wiped easily.

The device is very flat and does not have a wrist rest, but it can be raised slightly with two retractable feet. One can then obtain a comfortable angle which avoids the pains in the fingers, the wrists and the neck by relation of cause and effect. Note the presence of four rubber pads under the keyboard that ensure its stability.

We also appreciate the easily accessible multimedia shortcut keys, located at the top of the keyboard. It is indeed possible to adjust or cut the volume, navigate between tracks and pause or resume playback.

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Our only real regret is the lack of backlight, yet handy to locate the keys when the brightness is low. Fortunately, the ergonomics are sufficient to find its marks easily and perform long strokes without fatigue and without having to look at the keyboard. Indeed, the hands are positioned naturally on the keyboard and move little.

Note also that the power cable is not braided and is therefore more fragile, especially if it must be twisted or stuck behind a piece of furniture. It is also sufficient to connect this cable to enjoy its keyboard, since no software is required for use.

Even after months of torturing innocent mechanical switches, it’s easy to find the quick, short strike of a keyboard with scissor switches. On long text input sessions and other office work, the keys are comfortable and quietness and that’s why this keyboard is also known as on the quietest keyboards in the market. They present a pleasant immediate return from the support, which allows a very fast hit. Their very flat shape also allows sliding movements to reach close letters effortlessly.

Finally, Cherry promises a resistance to 20 million supports before the switches show signs of fatigue. Although it is difficult to verify this argument in a few weeks or even months, the keys appear robust and remain very reactive.


  • Good finish.
  • Striking nice and fast

Cherry Stream 3.0 WEAK POINTS

  • No backlight.
  • Non-braided cable

With Stream 3.0, Cherry persists and signs in the tradition of quality office keyboards. We appreciate its sobriety and its obvious robustness. The keystroke is fast and comfortable thanks to the good return of the switches, even after several hours and the keys are easily accessible. Too bad for the absent backlight and the USB cable a bit below the overall quality, which prevent the Stream 3.0 from picking up more stars. However, for a very affordable price, Cherry offers a resolutely solid keyboard and very pleasant to use.