China is set to become the first country in the last 37 years to land on the Moon


China is set to become the first country in the last 37 years , to land on the Moon. In the early afternoon the probe Yutu , formed by a robot that moves on six wheels , and ‘ landed near the crater ‘ Bay of Rainbows ‘ .

The Long March rocket , which carried the probe , was taken off December 1 from Xichang launch base to bring the probe out of the atmosphere that weighs 120 kg , can ‘ climb walls up to a maximum gradient of 30 % and travel to the speed of up to 200 meters per hour .the third Chinese lunar mission , after that of 2007 and 2010.

The objective of the operation will be to explore the geological structure of the moon , compounds that happen on the surface of the moon , and the search for likely resources . What ‘ jade rabbit , a title taken from an very old Chinese fable , will be the most long space voyage ever made by ceramic, orbiting about 300 million kilometers from soil. But ceramic is not the first moon setting down and the only advancement in the space part of Beijing.

Beijing is furthermore making huge paces forward in the realization of the space station that will be in orbit from 2022 to 2032 , at the end of the operation of the International Space Station.

china with the new space station , will provide amenities and gear for experiments , including an orbital laboratory , scientists from all over the world. The first step is ‘ the launch of the center module of the position, which will take placein 2018 , pursued in 2020 and in 2022 by the launch of two space laboratories .

The new position will be placed between 350 and 450 kilometers overhead the Earth and positioned at an bend of 42 qualifications to the equator.

Sources by: allvoices