Compared scan fingerprints iPhone 5S and who better than Galaxy S5 too!

Compared scan fingerprints iPhone 5S and who better than Galaxy S5 too!In September last year, Apple launched the iPhone 5S coming technology that uniquely identifies individuals named Touch ID used to enhance the security of the smartphone, iOS users in unlocking mobile phones in addition to the code itself. And after that Samsung will follow the i5S system by putting their own fingerprints on the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be on sale at our home recently.

I believe that many people would like to know how to scan fingerprints of iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 are identical or different and better to the point where some kind. Let’s watch a clip of Mr. Tanner Marsh to test the system to scan fingerprints of the two models is as follows.

Comparing the fingerprint of the iPhone 5S Samsung Galaxy S5.

From the clips I Scan the fingerprints of these two quite different, but in a fairly Touch ID on iPhone 5S will use scanning motionless or have to put your finger still on the Home button on the sensor is located. While the fingerprint sensor, Samsung’s finger still does not need to wipe your finger on the home button from top to bottom.

The accuracy of identification of the iPhone 5S seems to be good. Part of the recently released iOS 7.1 updates earlier. Actions to resolve And the development of this system more stable. Including the ability to scan fingerprints with a mobile phone with one hand. Make them easy to use over. The system scans the finger on the screen to unlock the Galaxy S5 is also a mistake to see it. As well as we can scan fingerprints by using one hand. Use the other hand to grip them.

But what VAYUPAK the Touch ID impractical but Galaxy S5 can do is to use the fingerprint scanner on a Mobile Payment App of PayPal is that it will take a scan to confirm the identity of which Apple itself . have to do as well. But it has not been used yet.