Comparison of the Top 10 PC Games of 2020-21

Looking to buy a new game, but does not know where to start? Consoles are not the only way to play, and most of the best console games are playable directly on your PC. Be aware that the games do not need to have been released in 2018 (or even 2016) to qualify for this round. Any game that is still available and still considered excellent when ranked against the best of today is eligible. We think this is the most useful approach to help you decide which video games deserve the hard disk space on your PC. Comparison of the Top 10 PC Games

So, if you are trying to strengthen your own game collection or look to buy a gift, read on to find some of the top free pc games of 2020.

  • Overwatch

Over watch has quickly become one of the biggest online multiplayer shooters around, its mix of colorful characters and frenetic game play making it popular with casual players and Sports pros.

Following in the footsteps of PC Team Fortress 2, this is a team action game with a variety of characters and varied goals that require teamwork (and a balanced group of heroes) to achieve victory.

Over watch has the same bright sense, fun of humor as Team Fortress 2, support with character drawings even more varied than this game. You can jump quickly between the control of a cowboy, a ninja or a sensitive gorilla Then move on to a robot or cockney trip in case you are bored – and it’s just a handful of 20 or more characters on the way.

Blizzard has a reputation almost unmatched as a developer, and their first foray into the FPS is no exception. This is the perfect game to keep you entertained until Valve stops making digital hats and already announces Team Fortress 3. See the lowest price.

  • Firewatch

Firewatch was one of the summer’s Indian surprise hits, coming almost from nowhere to deliver a tight and compelling narrative set in one of the world’s finest virtual worlds ever built.

You play a railing called Henry, watching an American National Forest in the late 80s. You are in radio contact with the next watchman, Delilah, but are otherwise totally isolated in the Wyoming desert. The game consists mainly of talking to Delilah on the radio, choosing from different conversational prompts, and exploring the lush landscapes and as you try to solve a mystery unfolds slowly.

The mystery that animates the story is fascinating, but the relationship between Henry and Delilah is where the writing of the game really shines. It’s sweet and authentic, and at the end of the four-hour story you’re likely to really care about the pair of them.

Yet, no matter how good writing is, the best part of Firewatch lies in its incredible visuals. The Shoshone National Forest is recreated in sumptuous details, and just exploring the space is so absorbing that developer Campo Santo has added a free-walk mode after launch for players to wander around to content their hearts. See the lowest price.