How to Connect your Laptop to a your Television

Well, there ar many ways in which to attach your laptop to a tv looking on what ports ar offered on your computer Associate in Nursing your TV (we used an HP Windows laptop and a Sony Bravia television for this example).

How to Connect portable computer to TV – Step by Step

Step 1: Most computers have Associate in Nursing S-Video port which will be connected to the S-Video input of your TV screen employing a rock bottom S-Video cable (this cable is spherical with four or seven pins). If you’ve got Associate in Nursing older monitor, you’ll use the 15-pin VGA cable to attach the pc to the TV and it’ll provide higher image quality than the S-Video cable.
The newer HDTVs and portable computer computers have DVI ports therefore a DVI Male to Male Cable or DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable may be wont to hook the pc show and therefore the TV. The DVI to HDMI cable may be used once your television will not have Associate in Nursing DVI port however does have Associate in Nursing HDMI port.
Connect the Audio RCA Cable for Sound.

Step 2: currently that you just have connected the pc to the TV employing a physical cable, you would like another cable to transmit the sound as all the on top of cables solely transmit the video however not the audio half.You need a three.5mm mini Plug to RCA Cable Stereo to attach the audio line out from a notebook to your TV. The red cable connective goes into the red socket of your TV, black connective into the black socket whereas the black connective goes into the three.5mm phone jack of your laptop.

Step 3: Open the “display settings” on your Windows computer and activate the output to the TV screen. you’ll either mirror content of your laptop on the TV or extend the show rather like a twin monitor screen.
If you’re victimization Windows seven, press the keyboard crosscut Windows + P to quickly access the show settings or explore for “Connect to External Display” within the Windows Run box.

Step 4: acquire your TV remote and switch to “External Inputs” from the menu. you may ought to modification the default “Video 1″ to a definite selection which may be “HDMI 1″ or “Video 2″ reckoning on but you have created the affiliation.

Important: confirm that you just connect the physical cable to the TV before turning on the pc as generally it should fail to acknowledge external show. could|you’ll|you will} additionally got to modification the screen resolution of your TV victimization the show settings in your control board else the image may generally seem distorted.