New Corona Cases in Pakistan

Here you will know the complete details of Coronavirus Patients and Today Corona Cases in Pakistan and other countries of the world like China, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, new York, America, India so on. Here New Corona cases in Pakistan, coronavirus patients will be maintained/updated on a daily basis especially of Pakistan. Here you will now the complete detail of PM Corona Test Result in Pakistan today.

PM Corona Test Result

Today Corona patient in Pakistan The government of Pakistan has established so many programs and organizations to cope with COVID-19 Coronavirus. And has established started programs like Insaf Imdad Program, Ehsaas Emergency Programs, and Tiger Forces, etc to cope, manage and handle the patients of Coronavirus. Programs and organizations/ foundations have been established also to help, assist and aid the poor peoples, laborers, workers who can’t get, earn a livelihood. Today COVID Cases in Pakistan will be updated here on a daily basis. PM Corona Test Result is being updated on this page on a daily basis.

Today Corona Cases in Pakistan in May, 2020

Only purposes of all these programs to help and provide food, money, and livelihood the Corona virus affected patients/peoples. To be the part of the Tiger Force you just install PM Portal App from play store at your cell phone then provide all required details/information and be the part of Corona Tiger Force. Imran Khan Corona Test Report today as below:

Corona COVID Cases in Pakistan in May, 2020
Confirmed Cases 50693
Death 1067
Recovered 15201
Sindh 19924
Islamabad 1326
KP 7155
Punjab 18455
Balochistan 3074
AJK /GB 158/602


Coronavirus has been increased across the country and world, it is spreading very quickly and at high speed in the entire world. It was first started, increased, found and faced by Chinese People in China’s city Wuhan in December 2019. Poor, laborers and Coronavirus exaggerated and affected families/peoples may be known their eligibility to get Coronavirus Emergency Cash by sending SMS on 8171.

Today COVID Cases in Pakistan

Now we know that it has been spread and wrapped in all other countries of the world like Saudia Arabia, Iran, China, India, etc and in the whole world. Here in this article, we will read/study/ known about Corona virus COVID-19. In this way, people will be delivered verification SMS back about their eligibility to get assistance/advantageous from Corona Virus Emergency Cash. Now in this article, you will be also able to know about the current status of Corona Cases, Today Corona Patient in Pakistan, COVID cases in Pakistan and other countries and Imran Khan Corona Test Report are hereby attached.

In view of Pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19), the Government of Punjab, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department planned to appoint to employ the services of Eligible Medical and Allied Health Professionals for the following categories on the purely ad-hoc (TEMPORARY) basis for operation in the HDUs/ICUs/ Quarantine Centers and health facilities established by the Punjab Pakistan.

Corona Tiger Force in Pakistan

In the perspective of this, some other private foundations and other rich persons of Pakistan are facilitating the poor people particularly the families of Corona virus affected patients. It is so dangerous virus/diseases that if once catch the human being, man will die and there is so little change to recover/heal the patients of COVID-19 again. To see the current circumstances/moments/condition due to the outbreak Corona Virus COVID all businesses, shops, and markets have been closed.

Imran Khan Corona Test Report today in Pakistan

Lockdown has also been established in the country and world to break the chain of scattering Coronavirus COVID-19 from one person to another due to mass gathering, social interaction at Shopping Mall, Bazar, School, and other meeting/assembly places. Poor people’s can’t get enough livelihoods for them and their family members. So to see this critical situation that people are dying very fast day by day due to the outbreak Coronavirus.

Owing to these circumstances Imdad Insaf program and Ehsas Emergency Cash Program, Ehsas SMS programs, and Tiger force have been established by govt of Punjab. Here you can know the corona cases, corona patients, COVID Cases, COVID patients details on a daily basis, today here you will know the details of Today Corona Cases in May, 2020.

Today Corona Patients in Pakistan in May, 2020

In this regard Govt of Pakistan is also being established/lunched Tiger force to cope with Corona Force. The administration will be enlisted Doctors, Consultants, paramedical staff, dispensers, nurses etcetera to make the part of Tiger Force. Tiger force will remain 24 hrs alert and available at the front line to cope with Coronavirus COVID-19 patients. if we discussed overall Today Corona cases in Pakistan, overall Imran Khan Corona Test Report today Corona Patients Pakistan

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