Corona Virus Funds 2020 From Govt Employees Salary

Coronavirus Emergency fund CEFWe are fully aware of the current situation regarding coronavirus that has been spread all over the country especially in China Wuhan, Iran, India, etc. So many peoples have been killed/died/affected by Corona Virus. In view of this Government has established the Corona Virus Emergency Fund called CEF to meet/cope with Karonavirus and to help the needy / affected peoples/victims. Details of the Emergency Fund would be provided/placed below.

Coronavirus Funds 2020 CEF

CEF Corona virus Emergency FundGovt of Sindh has established this Fund named (CEF) enforced/established/ordain on dated 18th March 2020. Corona Virus Emergency Fund (CEF) (COVID-19) will also be deducted/misused from the salaries of the Govt Employes of Sidh Government. Here you can see the details of Corona virus Emergency Fund (CEF) and account # where to deposit CEF fund to help the affected people of Sindh province.

Coronavirus Emergency fund CEF 2020

Corona Virus Emergency Fund (CEF) for Sindh
Sr # Employee BPS Percentage of Deduction CEF
1 BPS-01 to BPS-16 Employees 5%
2 BPS-17 to BPS-20 Employees 10%
3 BPS-21 Employees 25%
4 BPS-22 Employees 100%
5 Ministers / Advisors 100%
Details of Bank Account 
Title:                     Corona Virus Emergency Fund (CEF) for Sindh.
Bank:  Sindh Bank Limited (I.I) Chundrigarh Road Karachi Sindh Pakistan.
Account #:                    03015594456100