Corona virus China Wuhan, Urdu Precaution, Treatment, History, Sign

Precautions for Corona virus and signs and symptomsCoronavirus is a virus whose biggest group of the family emerged in china, first, it was observed and experienced in China. Here we will discuss china Wuhan coronavirus updates, Urdu precaution, treatment, history, and its signs and symptoms. A short history of Corona Virus has posted here. Corona virus China Wuhan, Urdu Precaution, Treatment, History, Sign get complete information in urdu and english here.

Coronavirus is being a very famous virus, which has killed so many lives in the world especially in China, Saudia Arabia, Japan, Thailand, etc. It is said that there is no treatment to kill the virus but by doing save precautions we can save ourselves to be harmed by a coronavirus. Read about necessary precautions for Karona Virus China Wuhan.

Coronavirus Signs, Symptoms, Precautions, Treatment in PDF

Corona virus has been spread across the country, it is spreading very fastly the world, it started, spread and experienced in China’s city Wowhaan in December 2019 now it has been found in others country of the world like Saudia Arabia, Iran, China, India, etc. here in this article we will read/study/ well known that;

What is Corona Virus?

How spread Corona virus?

Coronavirus has been spread in which country?

how it spreads from one person to another person?

how to escape/fight with Corona Virus?

what steps have been taken by Govt of Pakistan?

is there any person/patient found with corona virus?

How Corona virus has become dangerous?

Signs & Symptoms, precautions, and treatment of Coronavirus?

The vaccine to escape from Coronavirus?

What to do with the person coming from other countries?

What to do with the person going to another country?

Important steps, tips, and questions about Coronavirus.

Here I am going to upload important details about the corona virus you just read and apply these steps on you and others to escape ourselves and our nation from Coronavirus. You may also download all details and information in pdf file formate attached below at the end of these articles.

History of Corona Virus China Wuhan

Precautions for Corona virus and signs and symptomsHere I have also attached some pics about coronavirus and its precaution in Urdu and English language for your best concern.

How Coronavirus Spread

  • It spreads from the air, shaking hands, touching or spread from dirty/uncleaned items.
  • Its spread from animals/monsters.
  • It can be converted from one man to another human.

Precautions for Corona virus Coronavirus Sins and Symptoms How to Protect from it

Signs & Symptoms of Coronavirus

Breathing problems (Swear)

Fever, Cough



Throat out of order

Stomach problems.

Vomiting, nausea

Kidney fail.

Precautions for Corona virus Precautions / Treatment for Coronovirus

Don’t keep dry throat.

Drink water even little bit several times.

The elders drink water at least 50 C.

Youngers drink water at least 30 C.

Drink warm water till march.

Never go to crowded / gathered area.

Wear mask / cover your face while going to bazar, market or anywhere.

Avoid taking fry food and spicy food.

Wash your hands immediately when you come / returen back to home.

Wash hands severl times a day.

Use a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Avoid / eschew from meat / flesh.

Waste properly after using tissue papers etc.

use tissue or clothes when caoughing.

In the case of flue and cough keep distance 1 metere from others.

Avoid to emrace peoples if you have a cough or flue.

don’t touch your face, nose or eye with dirty hands.

china wuhan coronavirus updates,urdu precaution, treatment, history, sign and symptomsکرونا وائرس

1: سانس کے مسائل (شدید)
2: بخار + کھانسی
3: نمونیہ (وائرل)
4: فلو (زکام، نزلہ)
5: سر درد
6: گلہ خراب ہونا

Precautions for Corona virus and signs and symptomsاحتیاتی تدابیر
1: گلے کو خشک نا رکھیں۔
2: تھوڑا تھوڑا پانی پیتے رہیں۔
3: بڑے °50c تک پانی پیئیں۔
4: چھوٹے °30c تک پانی پیئیں۔
5: مارچ تک ایسے ہی گرم پانی پیتے رہیں۔
6: پُر ہجوم جگہوں پر نا جائیں۔
7: سفر کرتے وقت، گھر سے باہر جاتے وقت اور مارکیٹ وغیرہ جاتے وقت ماسک ضرور پہنیں۔
8: مصالحہ دار اور فرائی فوڈ سے گریز کریں۔
9: باہر سے آتے وقت فوراً ہاتھ دھوئیں۔
10: ہاتھوں کو آتے جاتے بار بار دھوتے رہیں_
11: سبزياں اور پھل زیادہ استمعال کریں۔
12:گوشت سے پرہیز کریں۔

نوٹ: اس بیماری کا ابھی تک کوئی علاج دریافت نہیں ھوا، لہٰذا پرہیز کریں اور یہ پیغام صدقہ جاریہ سمجھ کے آگے شئیر کرتے جائیں جزاك اللّه‎‎ خيرًا

Precautions for Corona virus Note:

  • Its new generation was experienced / observed in 2019.
  • Due to this coronavirus, more than 440 people passed away in china, 9 in Jabap, Thailand, etc.

Corona Ka Khauf, Virus Sy Ziada Taizi Sy Sazishi Nazariye Phail Rahe Hain.

Corona Virus Updates

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