Court to review copyright lawsuit brought by broadcasters

Aereo wants Supreme Court to review copyright lawsuit brought by broadcasters


Alleging that the Aereo streaming service amounts to copyright infringement, the broadcasters have complained in their lawsuit that Aereo does not pay licensing fees to them, though the retransmission consent charges paid by pay-TV operators – like Cablevision and Comcast – run into billions.

Despite the favorable rulings from the lower courts, Aereo has said in its legal papers that it wants the Supreme Court to still hear the case, so that the findings of the lower courts can be affirmed.

Noting that broadcasters have been re-litigating the copyright issue in all the markets Aereo has been expanding its service into, Aereo said in the legal papers that it is seeking the Supreme Court’s affirmation of the principle that once content has been transmitted by broadcasters, “consumers have a right to receive and to view that programming using an antenna and to copy that programming for their personal use.”