Death of Umer Sharif Daughter

Death of Umer Sharif DaughterHina Sharif who is the daughter of famous/popular comedian-actor & Host of Pakistan Lollywood industry has passed away on dated 18th February 2020. Umer Sharif is a very famous actor and host and stage actor of Pakistan, it is confirmed the news that her daughter whose name is Hina Sharif has been passed away 2 days ago on dated 18-02-2020.  After seeing the bad news about his daughter’s death he canceled / post pond his all programs/meeting was being held in the U.S.

Umar Sharif’s Daughter Passed Away

Umer Sharif Daughter’s Hina Sharif passed away in Lahore, Umar Sharif was informed late about the death of his daughter. As we know that we are all well aware that Umer Sharif is a very famous, fame and well-known celebrity in the Pakistan industry. It is said her daughter Hina Sharif was suffering/facing Kidney infection and taking/admitting in Lahore Hospital for the treatment of Kidney infection.

Owing to famous actor/celebrity this news has been done viral / spread on all social media, print media and electronic media, like Facebook, WhatsApp, newspaper, TV, twitter and so on.