Demonoid tracker back online, servers moved to Hong Kong

Demonoid tracker back online, servers moved to Hong Kong

Back in August, Demonoid, the most popular private torrent community, was suddenly removed from the face of the Internet in the wake of a DDoS attack and a coincidentally-timed, but seemingly unrelated server raid. Now, just as suddenly as the beloved community was taken down, the tracker has been restored.

Ukranian authorities shut down Demonoid’s datacenter, which just so happened to fall right in the middle of the site’s DDoS-related outage. At the time of the raid, Ukranian datacenter ColoCall noted that investigators copied all of Demonoid’s server information, and seized some of the equipment. A few days following the raid, Demonoid’s three top-level domains,,, and, were put up for sale.

Now, almost four months after the site’s demise, Demonoid’s tracker is back. The comprehensive index and forums haven’t yet followed suit, but the resurrection of the tracker is as good of an indication of the community’s revival as we can get, short of the actual revival. The tracker’s new IP address seems to point toward the servers being moved from Ukraine to Hong Kong.

When the site was first taken offline, everyone’s favorite Internet collective Anonymous stated they’d bring the community back, and launched DDoS attacks on Ukranian government sites in retaliation for the server raid. The tracker’s back, but it currently remains to be seen if Anonymous had any hand in the revival. Whoever is responsible, whether it’s a loosely ruled Internet collective or Demonoid’s old administration, the tracker’s up and running for now, and hopefully the community features will soon follow.

Whether or not one partakes in or agrees with the kind of file-sharing commonly associated with torrents, members of the Demonoid community will vouch for the friendly, helpful atmosphere fostered by the private site. It’s always great to get that kind of close-knit community back, and members can only hope that the revival of the tracker is a step toward the resurrection of the community.