Dolphin Ayan Peshawar Interview Pictures 2021

Dolphin Ayan Peshawar is a Pakistani he got an education from Edwardes College of Peshawar Pakistan where he completed an engineering degree. It is said that he left his engineer profession and elected dance profession owing to the Dolphin Ayan Interview became famous at social media.

Dolphin Ayan Peshawar Interview Pictures 2021

Dolphin Ayan Peshawar Interview Pictures 2021 can be seen here. It is said by his class-fellows he was made harsh to change his profession from Engineer to a dancer. Read her story is described on this page. Dolphin Ayan TikTok Ayan Facebook became shemale. Here you may also download the latest her pictures in Peshawar. See her interview was taken by Press media at Karachi.

Dolphin Ayan ShemaleDolphin Ayan Peshawar Interview on Social Media

It was also said about Dolphin Ayan Jani Edwardes Peshawar that Dolphin Ayan Peshawar was a brilliant and intelligent student of the Peshawar Edwardes College Pakistan. After completion of the Engineer, he has experience of internship from Cyprus.

In his social life so was treated so well he became so much sad and worried. Dolphin Ayan Shemale became shemale at Karachi. He said I  will continue my studies and rejoin the collage if people stop calling me shamele (Hijra). She is called Miss Koko Peshawar. She is also called as miss Edwardes.

Dolphin Ayan Jani Edwardes Peshawa

As Pakistan is an Islamic country where no one can intercourse illegally. Islam is a complete code of life. Islam provided rights to women. Islam says don’t kill the women. Before Islam religion women were buried alive or kill. Women were considered a curse.

But Islam religion stopped this and give complete rights to live alive. Dolphin Ayan Peshawar became a dancer and shamale. He completely changed his life. She was made haras so many times in her college life.

Dolphin Ayan PicturesDolphin Ayan New Pictures 2021

So many times she was made harassment and she was called with an inappropriate and false name.

Dolphin Ayan pictureDolphin Ayan Peshawar Shemale Facebook Interview

Dolphin Ayan Edwardian was terrorized frequently in his college life and forced him to become effeminate (Like Female). According to his viral video on social media like news channel/Facebook.

he said that people used to call me Hijra (Like Shemale). Dolphin Ayan Peshawar said that he doesn’t like this type of nonsense words.

Dolphin Ayan Koko Edwardes Peshawa on Social Media

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