Dota 2 Wraith King Arrives with Xmas Event, New hero, Ranked ladder and more




Dota 2 Wraith King Arrives with Xmas Event, New hero, Ranked ladder and more

Like Valve said before on one of their previous blog posts, they were working on something big, and boy is it big.

Skeleton King got removed from the game, instead comes his rework in the form of Wraith King, with a new model and textures. On the new game mode Wraith-Night, players get introduced to the new Wraith King, as they defend his resurrection against hordes of enemies, and then battling against the Wraith King himself as the final boss.

Wraith-Night is a very action packed and requires team coordination especially to defeat the stronger enemies. While in the easiest setting it can seem easy, the harder difficulties provide great challenges even for more veteran players.

By playing you will receive Phantom Fragments as well as Shining Fragments to trade for items.

With this patch comes the long time anticipated hero, Tresdin the Legion Commander, the first female Strength hero. LC is a very versatile hero that has a very unique mechanic in her ultimate, Duel, which allows her to permanently boost her own base damage  (or permanently feed damage to the enemy if the guy playing LC is bad).

To go with her release, you can purchase the 2nd Arcana rarity item ever in Dota 2 for Legion Commander which adds new animations, textures and even new voice acting lines.

Also the very anticipated Ranked Matchmaking has come: players will now be able to play for bragging rights and with a supposed better balancing between the teams. This new matchmaking mode will only be available for players with around 150 games played, and the only game modes will be All Pick, Captain’s Mode and Captain’s Draft.

New small gameplay changes have been introduced, such as some nerfs to Earth Spirit and a nerf to Hand of Midas, which comes after seeing all those Hands of Midas built at the MLG. Another change worth noting is the Necronomicon nerf, which gives 50% more gold to the enemy team if they kill the summons.

Lots of miscellaneous features have been added, such as new items, a Lina announcer, some new loading screens. Plus, every player is now rewarded with a chest that contains various items according to their player level, and new players will receive them as they progress through profile levels.