Take Precautions To Protect From Earth Quake

Earthquake is known as quake, temblor, vibration, trembling and tremor, shaking of the earth is called earthquake. It happened when suddenly earth releases energy that creates seismic waves. It may be starting of Earth quake to waving fans, shelves, utensils etc. Shaking of the surface of the Earth may be earthquake. Take Precautions To Protect From Earth Quake if meet accidently.

Follow steps to save live

Releasing of the tension in the tectonic plates throw waves of energy which travel through the Earth. Forces produce natural vibration of the ground is called seismic forces.

Take Precautions To Protect From Earth Quake

Plates of the earth move and faults develop due to which it shake and rub against each in the case earthquake come into being.

We will have to ensure some Tips to diminish / lesson and save ourselves form earth quake, these steps are as below:

Precaution measurement for Earth quake

Avoid living in weak, damaged and poor condition houses, also coming in notice to District Administrations.

Vacate the house immediately at the time of Earthquake.

Keep your family in save place like kids, women and grandparents.

To save from any untoward situations must have a bag with water, Torches, Some common medicines, Foods, Soap, Radio, Bandages, Dry Clothes, Mobile Phone, Charged Battery etc and some other important documents with you.

To cope with any unexpected situation during earthquake contact with your district administration and District Disaster Managements Authority.

Big members of the family must cut off or switch off the supply of Electricity and Gas and listen Radio or T.V to remain up to date you with current situation.

Help to the rescuers or other Aider department to find you easily.

Never use Matches, because in case of Gas leakage fire may be burnt.

In case of Smoke or dust cover your face with clothes and breathe slowly.

If earthquake occur then don’t worry keep calm, be brave and move towards open place if possible, if not possible then lay down, cover yourself and hold any strong items if available like pillars, pipe, doors, tables etc.

Build walls to direct landslide flow to save from land sliding.

Build infrastructure on firm ground and follow construction code.

Stop excavating and deforestation.

  • Tips to Protect from earthquakePlant ground cover to resist debris flow.

  • Do not put yard waste on the slope.

  • Gather supplies and be ready to evacuate.

  • Know the landslide risk and evacuation plan.

  • During rock slide take cover behind trees or solid objects to save yourselves.

  • Contact no of National Disaster Management Authority is 051-9205037.

  • PDMA contact no is 042-99204404, 36375528.