PM Ehsaas Digital Portal Launched Ehsas One Window Portal Online

We can see that Govt of Punjab Pakistan has launched several projects under Ehsas program to provide relief packages to the public. All the programs launched with the directions of Prime Minister of Pakistan. Below check all the details and information of these projects lists. Today Govt has launched another online Ehsaas Digital Portal also called Ehsas one window digital portal.

PM Ehsaas Digital Portal Launched Ehsas One Window Portal Online

As Govt has started several projects details are here Ehsas Emergency cash program, Ehsas Rashan Program, Ehsas Panagah program, Ehsas Tahafiz program, Ehsas Mother Scholarship program, Ehsas Undergraduate scholarship program, Ehsas Kafalat program, Ehsas Rozgar program and Ehsas Amdan program etc.

Ehsaas Digital Portal Tracking Online

All the above mentioned project are started due to panadamic situation Covid 19. All the projects have greatest motto to help and financial support the citizens of Pakistan. There are separate plate form and website created for these Ehsas Programs projects and peoples ask several questions via comment box.


So it is so tough for Govt to answer a lots of questions by different plate form. So owing to this people asking questions Government has launched a single portal on which we can get all answers of our questioned and complete details and further information about any Ehsas projects etc.

Ehsas Programs and Projects List

Ehsas Emergency cash program
Ehsas Rashan Program
Ehsas Panagah program
Ehsas Tahafiz program

Ehsas Nashonama

Ehsas Baitul Mal Madad

Ehsas NSER

Ehsas Partnership Program

Ehsas 1 women 1 account

Ehsas Waseela Taleem

Ehsaas Date 4 Pakistan

Ehsaas Langar Khana

Ehsaas Darul Ehsaas

Ehsas Islahaat

Ehsaas Registration Desk

Ehsas Ba Himmat Bazurag Program
Ehsas Mother Scholarship program
Ehsas Undergraduate scholarship program
Ehsas Kafalat program
Ehsas Rozgar program
Ehsas Amdan program

How to access Ehsaas Digital Portal

It is very simple contents written for you to explain about Ehsaas Digital Portal. See a link attached about Ehsas one window portal with green coloring at the below. Click on the link and meet the Ehsas digital website where get full dimension and status of any projects.

Ehsaas Digital Portal Online Access To Ehsas One Window Plate form