EZBike Electric Bike EZ Price Specs

Islamabad:  Electric Bike ceremony was arranged today in Islamabad, several Political Parties took part in the ceremony that was held in Islamabad Pakistan on dated 15th October 2020 today (Thursday). In this project, 60 EZ Electric Bike was introduced for the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad Pakistan. See EZ Electric Bike pictures attached to this website.

EZBike Electric Bike EZ Price SpecsIslamabad: EZBike Electric Bike EZ company was launched for the first time in the history of Pakistan in two big districts of Pakistan Rawalpindi & Islamabad. To introduce Electric bike in Pakistan inauguration ceremony was held in Islamabad dated 15/10/2020 (Thursday).

EZBike Electric Scooter Launched in Pakistan

خشخبری: پاکستان میں اب الیکٹر بایئکس دوڑے گیئں۔ پٹرول کو کرو بائے بائے۔ جی حاں پاکستان کے دو بڑوں شہروں اسلام آباد اور راولپنڈی میں EZ الیکٹرک موٹر بایئک متعارف کروادی گیئ۔ (ای زیڈ الیکٹرک بایئک پہلے منصوبے میں 60 الیکٹرک بایئک شروع کی گئی۔

اسلام آباد: ای زیڈ الیکٹرک بائیک کی افتتاحی تقریب مورخہ جمعرات 15 اکتوبر 2020 کامیابی سے منعقد ہوئی۔ مزید یہ بھی کہاں گیا کہ اس کامیاب منصوبہ کا بعد پاکستان کے دیگر شہروں میں بھی یہ سروس اگلے سال کے شروع میں شروع کر دی جائے گی۔

In EZ Bike Ceremony was arranged in Islamabad in which several ministers of Pakistan “Federal Minister of Information and Technology and Telecom company Fawad Chaudhary who is the minister of Science and Technology” took part in the launching ceremony of Bike EZ Electric Bike.

Price of EZ Bike Electric Motorcycle in Pakistan

This is Pakistan’s first electric bike was introduced its riding service in Islamabad in 1st phase. In the first project, EZBike Electric Bike EZ was initiated for riding services first time in Pakistan. This bike can be met at Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s Metro Stations for renting this Electric bike in Rs. 5/- for every 1 minute as charges.

EZBike Electric Motorbike Price in Pakistan 2020

EZBike Electric Motorbike was introduced in Islamabad & Rawalpindi Pakistan. EZ Bike Electric Bike price for rent Rs.5 per minute. First Electric Scooter EZ company read details online here.