Facebook bought ‘WhatsApp’ for $ 19 billion


The most popular social networking site Facebook’s most popular application on mobile messaging ‘WhatsApp’ bought for $ 19 billion.

WhatsApp application is popular in today’s youth and its 45 million users.

Facebook founder Mark zkrbreg praised WhatsApp services in a statement. He said that WhatsApp is “incredibly valuable”.

It’s Facebook’s biggest purchase so far. The Facebook instagram largest deal in 2012 was the purchase of a billion dollars, for which he paid.

WhatsApp will save the cost of short messages to mobile users sending messages through the Internet provides convenience. The company says that one million new users a day are registered.

A free version of this application is available for general use, while the Professional version that customers receive one dollar per year.

WhatsApp agreement between Facebook, Facebook under four billion dollars in cash and 12 billion dollars in their shares would pay three billion dollars in the form of shares later WhatsApp founders and employees.

WhatsApp total number of employees is around 50 and Mark zkrbrg Facebook and WhatsApp says that the deal was the first time 11 days ago.

When the Completion of the deal will be reached, the founder of the WhatsApp Jain community and his partner Brian Acton will be added to the list of silicon Valley’s billionaires.