Facebook is Making More and More Changes

Facebook is trying to make some changes to look more attractive and more better. The company recently announced a number of changes to their platform.

First they announced privacy changes including the privacy dinosaur. Then the removal of messaging services on mobile, forcing users to download the Facebook Messenger app.

Now the company is looking at helping you clean up your News Feed, or as they say… make it less spammy.

The three areas Facebook is targeting are like-baiting, frequently circulated content, and spammy links.

Like-baiting” is when posts asks readers to like, comment, or share a post specifically to increase the distribution of it.

Facebook says like-baited stories are 15 percent less relevant than equivalently engaged stories. The company believes that these types of posts are lowering your enjoyment on Facebook.

The update will detect these like-baited stories and place them less prominently on the News Feed.

The second change is with frequently circulated content. These posts end up being seen by a user over and over again.

Facebook is going to de-emphasize pages that repeatedly post the same content. The company says their tests have shown people hide 10 percent fewer stories with this change.

The final modification addresses spammy links. These are posts with links that take you to destinations with content that isn’t the same as what the post says.

Facebook measures the frequency that people visit a link as compared to liking or sharing the post to determine if the post is spammy. The company says their testing shows a 5 percent increase in users clicking links outside of Facebook with the change.

While people using Facebook will see a difference in the posts that show up on their News Feed, these new changes will affect how Facebook Pages interact with users. Pages, like KHON2 News, may see traffic changes depending on how their posts are interpreted by the update.