Federal Govt New Hajj Policy 2018 announced

ISLAMABAD (Federal Ministry of Pakistan 27, December 2017): The federal government has announced the new Hajj policy for the year 2018. According to the official Hajj scheme, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Sardar Yousaf said that the Hajj period will be reduced from 38 days to 30 days. On 15th January 24th, while the approximate amount of loan will be held January 26th, Hajj Quota government scheme is Rs.100,000, while the quota of private quota is 100 lakh 79 thousand 210. Cabinet approves Hajj Policy 2018 by Ministry of Religious Affairs in Urdu Full detail about Prices Government Rates and all about hajj pilgrimage in Pakistan.

According to media reports, the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Embassies and Embassies, while addressing the new Hajj Policy for the year 2018, said that the prohibition of the government Hajj scheme has been restored. The Supreme Court decision was reviewed on policy 2017. The Federal Govt New Hajj Policy 2018 Prices & No. of Days Urdu are described in the Urdu.  Hajj duration will be reduced by 38 days to 30 days. Hajj expenses will not be increased. Before our government Hajj arrangements were extremely poor. Pakistani Hajjaj was given away from food and food from the holy city. The Hajjies was also provided WiFi facility to all the buildings. He said that applications under government Hajj scheme will be received from 15th to 24th January. While the pilgrimage plan of Government Hajj will be held on January 26.

In the year 2016, the Hajj packages were reduced and 2 million 78 thousand rupees. In the year 2017, 3,538 thousand 696 Hajj applications were received. For the year 2018, the government scheme, quota, was Rs.100,000, while the Hajj quota was set up in the private scheme, one lakh 79 thousand 210. The 10 thousand quota has been placed for the Bajaj citizens. Despite this, the global economy will endanger the country.

Federal Govt New Hajj Policy 2018  Prices, Number of Day and Other Hajj Facilities for Pakistani Hajj pilgrimage

Hajj 2018 Dates by Pakistani Time:

Hajj 2018 will begin in the evening of

Sunday,  19 August

And ends in the evening of

Friday, 24 August

Dates may vary.