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Pakistan (Asia):

Here we are sharing Flag of Pakistan Photos & Country Profile. At first look, the banner of Pakistan recommends that Pakistan is a Muslim state. A rectangular leaf conveys two customary images of Islam on a green foundation – a white sickle and five-pointed star, where the bow demonstrates progress and the star stands for learning and light.Unfurled-Pakistan-Flag [DVD (NTSC)]

The white stripe on the left half of the banner should speak to Pakistani minorities (Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists), and therefore in a roundabout way communicates religious resilience in the nation. White, together with the green shading, additionally stamps peace and thriving.

The banner was propelled by the banner of the All-India Muslim League, which pushed for the division of British India into two separate states in 1947 – Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan.

Pakistan  Neighboring Countries:




Total area

Afghanistan Kabul 25,500,100 652,090 km2
India New Delhi 1,241,610,000 3,287,260 km2
Iran Tehran 77,288,000 1,648,200 km2
The People’s Republic of China Beijing 1,363,350,000 9,640,820 km2

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Pakistan National Country Profile

Country: Pakistan
Continent: Asia
Capital city: Islamabad
Population: 185,914,000 (2014)
Total area: 796,095 km2
Formation: 14. 8. 1947
Highest point: K2 (8,611 m)
GDP: $ 3,056 (IMF, 2012)
Currency: pakistani rupee (PKR)
Code: PK (PAK)
Calling code: +92
Internet TLD: .pk