Focus on trade, not aid: Nawaz on Pakistan’s foreign policy


Focus on trade, not aid: Nawaz on Pakistan’s foreign policy

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated that one of the four key priories of foreign policy is to focus on trade and not aid while giving a speech at the inauguration of a new block of the Foreign Office in Islamabad, Express News reported on Friday.

The other three priorities are building a peaceful and prosperous neighbourhood, reaching out to regional and international partners and developing a consensus based approach to counter-terrorism.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah delineated the key element of our foreign policy when he said our objective should be peace within and peace without,” the premier stated, adding that it still remains the defining element of foreign policy.

“Jinnah made it clear that Pakistan wanted to live peacefully and maintain friendly relations with its immediate neighbours and with the world at large,” Nawaz added.

Talking about globalisation the prime minister said that “we live in a globalised world where no one can afford isolation on any level. As public servants isolation will make you oblivious to the needs of the people while at state level isolation leads to segregation from the world community.”

The premier also said that the Foreign Office has to further strengthen institutional linkages with ministries in order to build a positive image of Pakistan. He added that the office has to interact with provincial governments more often and facilitate provinces to establish contacts with other countries.