Format Your Hard Disk Use Notepad


As you all know, Notepad is yet a basic text editor with which you can easily make simple documents or any kinda web pages. You can edit or create any files which need formatting and so for all that purpose you use Notepad

Now First of all Head over to Notepad, for that follow:
Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad
Now I will show you how to make a simple script into a binary language which is then used to format your hard drive bu just running that particular file.
Now You just have to save this file with an .exe extension with it for eg. (Facebook-Password-Breaker.exe) we have just taken an example as if you make this and email it to your friends or put it on facebook so when it is run by your friend, it will format their drive(C:/ drive of your hard drive.) and all data has then be lost. Please its our Humble request not to do this for anyone as god is there seeing everything you do so don’t do this at all it is just for the knowledge purpose. Enjoy with us !! Like and Share this Post with your friends 🙂