Free Online Vehicle Verification, Vehicle Registration Verification

Free Online verification for transport vehiclePunjab Online car verification is online and free of cost, you may check your vehicle’s verification online with no expenditures, and it’s free of cost. You may check that who is the real owner of vehicles like car, bike, Tractors, Buses, Mini Trucks, etc. Punjab Online Free Vehicle Verification/ vehicle registration verification is just directly attached and merged with Punjab Excise and Taxation Organization. No doubt that you may check online verification from anywhere in Punjab having the availability of the Internet on your PC.

Punjab Online Free Vehicle Verification/excise verification has also launched and initiated a play store app for this kind of interest; the app was inaugurated/introduced by INCPak Technologies. You may download and install even on your mobile phone without feeling any trouble or hindrance. It works very fast depend on your internet speed. This app is also free of cost; there is no cost by downloading and installing the app in your Smartphone or tabs etc.

Punjab Free Online Vehicle Verification

Update: The citizen and owner of the transport vehicles no need to worry about that in case of the theft of their vehicle and robbed by any virgule or thief they can easily send the query or complaint via email address to (ETO) Excise and Taxation Officer. Furthermore, Free Online Vehicle Verification/car verification and the owner of stolen and theft Bike, cars or any transport vehicles may visit and contact their nearby Police Station and launch FIR First Investigation Report for necessary consideration and action.

Read More: The Govt of Punjab now is launching the 3rd Phase of Transport Facilitation Program along with Automated Registration Card (ARC).

Guidelines for Free Online Vehicles Verification/Car Verfificaton/TS Transport Tax Verification

  1. Click on the above-mentioned link.
  2. Secondly, verify motorbike or motorcar transport vehicles, car verification, TS Transport Tax Verification, excise verification, etc.
  3. Province NOC required.
  4. Tax Chillan or token number which is updated within the time period of 10 – 15 Days.
  5. For any suggestion, query or complaint about your transport vehicles, you may email at any time.
  6. Tax Challan appears online, it depends on Province, area or division.
  7. Citizen of Islamabad has to visit the office of the Excise.
  8. Some other Provinces like Sind & Punjab has initiated Smart Card for registration.
  9. It’s Free Online Vehicle Verification/vehicle registration verification/motor vehicle verification for the citizen of Punjab.