Friendship is a relationship between two people who hold mutual affection for each other. The road to a friend’s house is never too long. But there are moments in life when it seems long and you miss them a lot. Friendship is a feeling of love, care and affection of one person for another. Friendship is one of the sacred human relations. Without friends, we are nothing. Friends are like important pages of a book. We have compiled a large collection of friendship sms for you.

Send these friendship sms to make them feel that you love them, miss them, care for them and cant live without them. Our splendid collection of friendship sms/messages contain friendship sms messages in English, Hindi & Urdu, cute friendship sms, lovely friendship texts, Friendship poetry, friendship quotes, friendship sayings, funny friendship sms and many more. . Here You will find cute Friendship SMS jokes Funny and nice Friendship Quotes and Nice Friendships Short SMS Texts and quotations for friends only!

When We Are Grown

When we are grown, we’ll smile and say we had no cares in childhoods day,

but we’ll be wrong. ‘Twill not be true,

I’ve this much care… I care for you.”

Sometimes I Look At My Friends

D e D i C a T e D

Sometimes I look at my
And think to myself,
“Where did I meet these
crazy people?”
But then
I think
“What would I do without them?” … •_• ?

Friends Forever SMS Messages

For Friends Forever

I Got You As A Stranger

Phir Kia ???
Bana Lia Friend

Hope Our Dosti Will Never Come To An End …

Kitne Hii Hands I Shake

Kitne Friends I Make

Best Of Them Are Few


One Of Them Is You … ?

Lose Time With Your Friends

It Is Better To Lose Time
With Your Friends
To Lose Them Within Time …. !!!

Happy Best Friends Day

A Candle Can Keep A Room A Glow With Its Light
But A true Friend Like You
Makes All My Days bright

Happy Best Friendship Day

Happy Best Friends Day Quote Wishes

A True Friend…goves You A Push,
When You Need It…
Lift You Up,when You Need Low…
Guides You The Right Way
And Never Let You Down

That True Friend For Me Is…


Awkward Moment When Every Body Is Interested In Ur Love Story

That Awkward Moment When Every Body Is Interested In Ur Love Story <3 =P
The Embarrassing Moment When Everyone Wants To Listen Ur Personal Conversation With D Special One 😉
The Most Painful Moment When Someone Is Waiting For The Surprise Then Close His Eyes N Finally Got Slapped =D
The Irritating Moment When Somebody Made Couple Of Urs With D Most Cheap Person Whom U Don’t Like =/
Life Depends On ‘Somebody’ , ‘Someone’ , ‘Everybody’ , ‘Everyone’
N They All Are Called “FRIENDS” <3
They Make The Life Complicated , Joy full N Special <3
LOVE Yew Frndz ! ^_-

I Know That They R Fine

I Know That They R Fine But I Txt & Ask
‘Kia Haal Hai?’:-)
I Know That They Can’t Forget Me But I Say
‘Yar! Bhool Gyay Ho Mujhay’:-(
I Know That They Can’t Finish All Stuff Without Me But I Say
‘Beta Akaelay Akaelay’ 😛
I Know That They’ll Share Everything With Me But I Say
‘Aray Mujhay Bhe Batao Na Yar’:-(
I Know That They R With Me In Every Problem But I Say
‘Any Time Pay Dafa Na Ho Jana’:-P
I Know Its Impossible To Live Without Them,But I Say
‘Ayaenda Baat Mat Karna’:-(
Dedicated To All Wonderful Freinds Like U Who Make My Life Beautiful:)

Having A Good Friend

Having A Good
Is Easy,
Being 0 N E Is
Hard. . . !!!

Friendship Means Understanding

F r i e n d s h i p
Means Understanding,
Not Agreement.
It Means Forgiveness,
Not Forgetting.
It Means The Memories Last,
Even If Contact Is Lost. . . ^_^