Why Is A River Rich

Why Is A River Rich?

Bco Z It Has Two Banks!!

In My 6 Years Of Relationship

In my 6 years of relationship,
My girlfriend’s blood group
changed from A+ to mine…

Neend Me H0 To Sapne Bhejo

BoY: NeeNd mE h0 to sApNe BhEjo,
JAag rAh¡ h0 to YAdEiN bhEj0,
Ro rAhE h0 t0 AnSu BhEjo,

sMs pArh rAhi h0 to REpLy BhEjo..

GirL: ToiLET mE ho, kyA BhEjoN? ;->

Facebook Status Raining Outside

Oh Its Raining Outside….
I Better Update
My Facebook Status For
All My Friends That Don’t
Have Windows .. So That They Enjoy

Najam Sethi Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board

If Najam Sethi Can Be
Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board
Than Don’t Lose Hope Guys
We Can Become Army Cheif Too

What Do You Call A Person Who Is Smarter

Q.) What do you call a person
who is smarter than you?

W r o n g … 😛 😀

Are You Losing Hair

“Are you losing hair?”
is to men ,
What “Have you put on weight?”
is to women… :

A Man Comes Home Early From Work

A man comes home early from work
and finds his wife in the company of
another man.

The conversation goes like this…

Wife : Why are you so early from
work ?

Husband : Who is he ?

Wife : Now , don’t change the

People Who Knock The Bathroom Door

People who knock the bathroom
door while you’re in and asking
“Are you there?,”

“No, I’m in the kitchen but
I left my voice in there, idiot

Higher The Heel Higher The Maintenance

Don’t know much about #Women,
But I think I know this:

The Higher The Heel, The Higher
The Maintenance… 😛 😀

(Peace Ladies) 😉