You Are Like Last Slice Of Pizza

You are like the last slice
of a Pizza to me.
I know you’re mine, but
I love the way how others
have their eyes on it and try too hard

Aluminium Asked Bauxite : Who Are You?

¤Chemistry PJ¤

Aluminium Asked Bauxite
“Who are you?”

Bauxite answered

“teri ORE, teri ORE, teri ORE…
Haaye rabba”

Which Phone To Buy On Facebook

All the girls who keep
on asking which phone to
buy on facebook ,
Usually ends up buying


Q – Mobile 😛 😀

(Peace Ladies)

People Pretend As A Forever Alone & Sad

Whatsapp On. on.
Gtalk on.
Skype on.
WeChat on.
BBM on.
Viber on
Twitter on.
Facebook on.
Still people pretend as a Forever Alone & Sad.

Addiction Of Aashqui 2 Funny SMS

Addiction Of Aashqui 2

Santa: Oay Jaldi Washroom Se Bahir Nikal??
Banta: Sun Raha Hai Na Tu

Dho Raha Hu Mein!

Karachi Aur Us K Mazafat Mein Dhamake Ka Waqt

Karachi Aur Us k Mazafat Mein
Dhamake Ka Waqt 9 P.M se 11P.M
Ho Gaya Hy ..
Logo’n Se Iltimas Hy Apne Apne
Gharo’n Mein Rahe’n …
Shukriya …

Neche Jo Jumla Likha Hy

Kabhi socha na tha k
Neche jo jumla likha hy
Wo bhi sun’ne ko mile ga

MQM ko Karachi Mein Security Chahiye

Girl Takes 100 Pics In A Day

A Girl Takes 100 Pics In A
Day N Deletes 99pictures.
One Picture
That Seems Better.
She Uploads N
Comments ” Aaise Hi
Bethi Thi Yar Kisi Ne Click Kar Li”

Blocked By Your Girlfriend On Facebook

Getting blocked by
your girlfriend on Facebook
is like E-divorce

Guy Who Convinced The First Blind Man

The Guy Who Convinced
The First Blind Man ,
He Needed A Sunglasses
Must Have Been One Hell Of
A Salesman