Restaurant Gloria Jeans Murree Incident Pakistan

Restaurant Gloria Jeans Murree Incident PakistanSe here breaking news that tourists have been attacked by staff of restaurants at Murree Pakistan. There are some video spreaded on social media regarding insulting, misbehaving and torturing to turists and pregnant women due to just using premises washroom at Murree Pakistan on dated 12th September 2020 (Saturday). (گلوریا جینز ھوٹل مری ھادثہ ) Videos and Pictures of Restaurant Gloria Jeans Murree Incident are scattering on social media fb whatsapp etc. This is very bad news for the peoples of Pakistan who go to Murree for outing to see the nature. There some other incidents happened in Murree regarding attacking and disgracing the tourists due to this a compaign was started before 2 years ago with topic “Murree Bycot”.

Gloria Jeans Murree Incident

See this very sad news for the Pakistani peoples that some tourists beaten up by Gloria Jeans Restaurant Murree Incident dated Saturday 12-09-2020. Murree Restaurant staff violated the tourists and also beat up a lady pregnant see in the videos. Peoples were gathered on the incident place tourists screaming but the staff of Hotel Gloria Jeans Murree abused and beat/smite the tourists.

What is the reason of fight at Gloria
Jeans Murree Incident

The fight was sta between tourists and Gloria Hotal staff is nothing but due to using premises washroom used by the tourists owing to this Gloria Jeans servants disgraced and abused and also beat up a pregnant lady. Gloria Jeans Murree Incident date 12/09/2020 Saturday. (گلوریا جین رسٹورینٹ کے سٹاف نے ٹور پر آئے لوگوں پر حملہ کر دیا اور آیک حاملہ عورت کو پیٹا )