Good Bye 4G, Germany and British are Making 5G

Pakistan is still waiting for 3G and 4G technology. But Germany and the UK have started preparing 5G network. You can download a full movie within one second.

W orld is agility moving ahead in technology, According to the latest news, Three universities of the two countries ‘UK and Germany’ are working on a joint project in  5G network preparing.

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a deal that hnuur (Germany) during a trade show. South Korea has already working on this technology and has been allocated $ 1 billion for their goal.

Prime Minister Cameron says the UK will spend £ 45 million on the project. This new facility would be started from 2017 and until 2020 it was also common for users. 5G internet so fast that its users will be able to download the entire movie in 1 second.

On the other side there are several reasons to delay in the introduction of 3G in Pakistan including, Traditional bureaucratic lethargy and apathy of political leadership.