Good bye Nokia, Hello to Microsoft

Microsoft has implemented the merger of Nokia and complete. Reinforces its role as a supplier of equipment and services for the benefit of consumers and enhance our business customers.

Satya Del La (left), President and CEO Steven E. Development (right), executive vice president of Microsoft’s Business Group. After the ceremony, Microsoft has completed the acquisition of equipment and services.

Microsoft Corporation has announced the completion of the merger process, equipment and services. After approval of the shareholders of Nokia. Including the associated legal entities around the world. The completion of this merger process. Is the beginning of a collaborative one between Microsoft and Nokia.

“Today we welcome Nokia to become a member of our family. Expertise and assets Nokia’s phone business and mobile devices will play a significant role in driving the new direction of our business, “Satya Na De, CEO of Microsoft said,” Microsoft and all its partners continue to provide. focus on delivering cutting edge innovation. Among the market-oriented development in mobile devices and the cloud is important “.

Former President and CEO of Nokia, Stephen E. and Development will take over as executive vice president of Microsoft’s Business Group. Consisting of Smart phone and tablet series Lumiere Nokia mobile phones Xbox Surface and Purdue Zeb active pixels (PPI) will be subject to the ratification of the Della However, the merger of Nokia gives Microsoft a welcoming staff. Nokia’s had plenty of experience Of more than 130 branches in 50 countries around the world. Of which Including the number one plant that designs, develops, manufactures and markets devices and smart phones are packed with innovations. By Microsoft to provide care for existing customers with the assurance of Nokia continued.

Windows Phone is the fastest growing operating system in the smartphone market and is behind the success of smartphones from a variety of quality, award-winning platform. Data from IDC reports that in the last quarter of the year 2556, has stepped up its Windows Phone operating system is one of the few smartphones that have been the most popular. And is also the fastest growing platform with a rate of 91% compared with a year earlier, with Nokia’s mobile phone business. Microsoft plans to market a portable device in a price everyone can afford. This is a market that is worth over 5 billion dollars. To experience the first smartphone to use it billions of people. And also introduced services Of Microsoft to consumers around the world.

Microsoft will continue to offer opportunities to all its partners the next. They will be working closely with hardware manufacturers. Software Developers Mobile phone service providers Distributor And retail To create new products With an outstanding platform applications and services are excellent.With a deeper understanding of both hardware and software. Microsoft will be able to strengthen and drive growth in the future of the Windows platform.