To Sufferto Hunger

U r not here
To suffer,To hunger,To cry ,To hope,To wish,To try
U r here
Is on Ur side

Thank GOD for most
Dix amazing day
4 d leaping greenly spirits of trees & A blue true dream of sky & For evrythng
Which is natural,Which is infinite,Which is yes


Once Great Alexendar Saw

Once Great Alexendar Saw
A Child Playing With A Lion
He Surrendered His Sword
At The Child’s Feet.
Now The Child Has Grown Up
& Wishes You Good morning

Our Lives Are Always So Hectic

Our lives are always so hectic

with little time to spare,

but days get brighter

when u get a msg from someone

saying “Good morning

Something Really Small

Sometimes someone says something really
small, and it just fits right into this empty
place in your heart..

Good Morning Everyone

U Can Just Turn On Off

Excellence Isn’t Something That
U Can Just Turn On & Off
Whenever U Need It.
Its A Habit,
That’s Rooted In Attitude
& Effects Every Part Of Ur Life


Evry Sunrise Is A Present

Evry sunrise is a present
A gift 4m d God abve
Gift-wrapped wid scarlet ribbons & tied wid bows of luv
Ech is new beginning, a time 2 start anew
While all d stars r sleeping & d rose is fresh wid dew
Ech day’s a new creation, too lovely 2 ignore
& V may not find blessings, jst outside our door
V can’t keep d past, like fireflies in a jar
Nor journey 2 d future by wishing on a star
Evry sunrise is a blessing a gift 4 jst 2day
Rejoice, my friend embrace it b4 it fades away

Have RaInI, CaLm n BeAuTiFuL MoRnInG

Have A Blessed Day (=

The Word Appreciation

The word “Appreciation”
means to b thankful & express admiration,
approval, or gratitude.
It also means to grow or appreciate in value.
As You appreciate life.
You become more valueable …
Both to Yourself & Others.

G o_O d

Stay Blessed

Make Someone Love You

You Cannot Make
Someone Love You
All You Can Do,
Is Be Someone
Who Can Be Loved …

Good Morning
Have A Blessed Day

Working Towards Success

Working Towards Success ‘ll Make U A Master
Working Towards Satisfaction Makes U a Legend
Strive for Excelence
Be a Legend

Stay Blessed

Let Us Not Worry
About The Future
Let Us Only Do
The Right Thing
Today, At This Moment
Here & Now
Let The Future Take Care Of Itself

G o_O d Morning