Life Is Raw Material

Life is raw material.. We
r artisans.. We can
sculpt our existence
into something
beautiful or debase it
into ugliness.. It’s in
our hands


Don Wait For Extraordinary

D o n ‘ t
W a i t
F o r
E x t r a o r d i n a r y
C i r c u m t a n c e s
T o
D o
G o o d
T r y
T o
U s e
O r d i n a r y
S i t u a t i o n

Good Morning

Choice You Make Between

The Choice You Make

“H A T I N G”
“F O R G I V I N G”

Can Make The
Story Of Your
“L I F E”

G o.O d
/\/\ o R n I n G =]

Health 4 Both Mind N Body

The secret of health 4
both ‘Mind n Body’ is
not 2 ‘Mourn’ 4 d past,
not 2 ‘Worry’ abt
future, but 2 live d
present moment
‘Wisely n Earnestly’

G o.O d
/\/\ o R n I n G

Give Someone A Gift

What If You Give
Someone A Gift, And
They Neglected To
Thank You For It ..
Would You Be Likely To
Give Them Another ?
Life Is The Same Way,
In Order To Attract
More Of The Blessings
That Life Has To Offer ,
You Must Truly
Appreciate What You
Already Have …

g 0.o D
m O r N i N g

Life Is Like A Cardiogram

Life Is Like A
Cardiogram …
It Always Has Up &
Down Graph.
If Its Steady, It Dies …
So Accept The Ups &
Downs Positively…

G o 0 d
M o R n I n G

Everyday A Deer Awakens

A deer awakens
knowing it must outrun
the fastest lion or be
hunted to death

A lion awakens knowing
it must outrun the
slowest deer or starve
to death

In this lifetime, it
doesn’t matter wether
yo r a deer or a lion
When the sun rises,
You should be running
at your best


U Feel Urself In D Sea

Good Morning

Whenever U feel Urself
in d sea of

Just go & offer ur
prayer then bow Urself
be4 HIM !

Close Ur eyes
Now universe is mch
more bright, U’ll feel
better !

Tell HIM everything wid
tears. Don’t hide
HE know d heart !!

U must feel
HE is listening U
as a sincere friend

HE ‘ll show U right way
HE ‘ll solve Ur probs !


HE is d most merciful
He is d most beneficent
HE is d only LORD
HE is d great ALLAH

Tasting The Worst Situation

Without Tasting The
Worst Situation,
No One Can Taste
The Best Thing Of Life ..

Dare To Face Anything in
Your Mysterious Life

G o.0 d
M o R n I n G

Happiness Is Lyk A Radio Station

Happiness Is Lyk A
Radio Station
Broadcasting All d Tym
U Just Have 2 Learn
How 2 Tune In &
Receive It Properly

Stay Tune n Be Happy