Google Launched Smart Eye Lens for or Diabetic Patients

After any smart device. I vastly Whether it is a phone, TV, cars, glasses and many other latest Google prepare a smart contact lens genius. The water level in the blood sugar of diabetics.Eliminating the need for frequent blood.

This is a project started by a Google’s Babak Parviz and Brian Otis who want to build a device that can measure blood sugar levels of diabetics precisely. Wounds without cause And harm to patients, which Smart Contact Lens to measure glucose levels through tears in our eyes, which are the research and that. I can measure our blood sugar levels.

The work of the Smart Contact Lens sensors. On contact lenses, including a small LED light keep flashing indicator that the blood sugar level is dangerous or not. This reading it only takes less than 1 minute.

Google recently entered into negotiations prepared This includes testing contact lenses with FDA or the U.S. FDA. For use with real patients in the future.