Google will introduced new Android version itself

California (Friday, May 27, 2016): The Google will introduce new Android version itself Google upgrades of smartphone manufacturing companies Android Despite recent version of Android are issued too late, but Google to resolve this issue is to be prepared to come to the field and in the future Android updates Google could release itself. The Latest Android N preview is more stable and updates itself

Google is held responsible if Android error appears when an operating system in smartphones. But the problem is finished in the latest version of Google Android.

Now the responsibility imposed on companies that make smartphones Android released updates for its users. On the other hand, if I have lead Apple to Apple than Google that they also make the phone itself and its operating system. That’s why 84 percent of the time Apple’s iPhone OS to date are running the latest version, but only 7.5 percent of the cellphone based on Android Android upgrade of marshmallows. Issues smartphone manufacturers Android update delay so that the new version users can use Android say almost a year after its release. The version used most Android 4.4 KitKat that was released in 2015.

The old version of the OS of the iPhone to use the extremely low but not when it is with Android the situation is still in use yet 2.2 Android grating bread. Android the world’s most popular operating system updates will work on a new feature for Google to maintain its credibility through which Google will release itself. The smartphones will be able to use the new version of timely new Android verision.